Samantha was inspired to start making powerful flag videos just recently in January of 2012. She has experienced an awesome connection with God dancing with flags in amazing scenery. If you would like to see some of the videos, here they are. Crank up the music and make the video go to full screen. You will be encouraged and refreshed by watching these videos. They are NOT about her. They are about worshiping God and she inspires you to experience it as well by watching these videos.

Her First Flag Video Created in Clearwater Florida.

Kari Jobe – “You are For Me” Recorded in California on the Cliffs of Torrey Pines

Kari Jobe – "You are For Me" Powerful Anointed Message Recorded After the Flag Video in California on the Cliffs of Torrey Pines – a man that was walking by and heard Samantha deliver this message, spoke to her afterwards as she was packing up and after talking with her, they prayed and he rededicated his life to Christ!

Misty Edwards – “Arms Wide Open” also Recorded on the Cliffs in California