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Kate's before and after

I am so proud of Kate. Here is an email I recently received from her after her 66th birthday, a year after she lost her weight: "Samantha, I thought you might enjoy seeing what you have helped create! I just came back from vacation and I had to tell you that thanks to you and your program I had the best vacation I’ve ever had. I started with horseback riding, off roading in my new jeep and zip lining. It was so much fun!

I would not have even considered any of this before but now I’m in such good shape and have more energy than I know what to do with, I’m excited to try new things. Samantha, I can’t thank God enough for putting you into my life! I’m having an amazing time and I can’t believe I am doing this at age 66! Before I met you, my quality of life was declining but now I am living life at age 66! Thanks again, Samantha."

Kate ziplining
Judy's results side pose

"I drove by Samantha’s billboards for 2 years thinking I could do it on my own but I had not lost weight. I was working so hard at it, working out 5 days a week for over an hour. I got so sick of being frustrated so I finally called her and in 4 months I lost 31 lbs.! I was amazed that I was able to do that with cutting my workouts down to only 30-minutes but Samantha knows what she is doing. I knew she was the expert and I had to believe she could help me.

After I lost the weight, the funny thing is I saw a woman’s reflection in the mirror at the store and I thought how great it would be to have arms that looked like that, then I realized it was me! Getting used to my new body has been so fun. I am amazed that I finally have arms like this at age 63! I look at these photos and I am still amazed at my new body. Especially these back photos, that doesn’t look anything how I would have thought I could look at age 63 (it was just my birthday). It does feel great to get better with age, instead of decline like I was.

I have kept the weight off now for a year and I am doing things now that I never did before. One of those is I just completed a half marathon and I raised $5,000 for a charity. It felt so amazing!"

Judy M., Age 63, Lost 31 lbs.

Judy's results back pose

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Lynn on her 78th Birthday

"I realized I was in the worst shape of my life at 68, I was so happy when I found Samantha, for she has truly found the fountain of youth. Within the first 6 months I lost 3 dress sizes, I am so much stronger, I have the energy that I did when I was 30 and I have that hour glass figure back I had in college! I feel great!

I chose to continue to invest in my health over this last 11 years with Samantha and I am on no medication and have no medical issues, unlike so many my age. Take it from a woman almost in her 80’s, this is one of the best investments I have ever made in myself.

It‘s a less money to pay for a program like this then it is doctors and medical bills. Plus, I enjoy an amazing quality of life that I never thought I could have at age 78.

This picture was taken celebrating my 78th birthday. I am so happy!"

Lynn Smith, Land O’ Lakes

"Before I started with Samantha, I didn’t like who I saw in the mirror. I made poor choices with my eating habits & didn’t exercise. I saw Samantha’s program but I was skeptical, however I decided to trust her. After losing 67 lbs., I’m a lot more confident and have a lot more energy. Samantha taught me how to enjoy a healthy life-style and it was an easy change.

My whole body has changed and now in my 50’s I’m in better shape than I have been, in 20 years. And the best part is I have kept it off now for a year and a half. Samantha has done what she says she can do, she has helped transformed my eating choices into easy ones that are now a lifestyle."

Kim M. Age 51, Lost 67 lbs.

Here are Kim’s progression photos, which are amazing to see! The body goes through stages of progress and you will continue to see your body improve.

Kim's weight loss progression